The Success of this book is the heart and soul that Kenny Wilkerson put into this book. It took him over a year to finish the book he personally reached out to every musician that contributed to this book and pieced everything together. With one goal in mind to raise awareness about Autism and he has. There are a lot of good recipes in this book so if you want to have dinner with a rock star this is the book for you.

Serenghetti Guitars

This guitar is a guitar players dream. The whole guitar is made with one piece of wood. Their aren’t any nuts or bolts in the body of these guitars. Originally started in 2007 in Central Florida. The dream of Serenghetti Guitars is to be like no other guitar. Each Guitar is designed for each individual player there are no two guitars that are alike. The buyer of each guitar tell’s us what he or she wants for a guitar and we design it for them.